Siblings Series #8: His Suits


by risequinn

Part of [Self-Challenge] Siblings Series

UP10TION’s Xiao (Lee Dongyeol) with OC’s Mint (Lee Minyeol)

AU!, Family, Fluff | ±600 words | G

I just own the plot and OC!

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Love Yourself Series: Without You


by risequinn

Kim Namjoon with OC

AU!, Friendship, Life | 2.4k words | 13

[1] – [2] – [3]

“I only watch you from behind, because now is not the right time.”

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[Chapter 6B] Of Alienate and A Mirage: Mission Accomplished

BTS Fanfiction Indonesia


Of Alienate and A Mirage

by risequinn

BTS’ Suga as Ravendra, Jimin as Carden, Jin as Valco, V as Aron, J-Hope as Evan, Rap Monster as Weston, Jungkook as Leevi

with SVT’s Mingyu as Varrel and OC’s Kim Nayeon as Verna, Min Yoonra as Raizel, Hong Jean as Jeanneth, Park Jirin as Cia ft. Kento Yamazaki as Keith

genres AU!, Fantasy, Friendship, School Life, Sci-Fic | length 2.6k words | rating PG-17

Mereka kerap menyebutnya ‘sesuatu yang tidak ada’.

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